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The 7 best MMA movies of all time

There were many legendary MMA movies throughout history, but the attendance of MMA fighters is not mandatory for the great success of the movie.

Of course, the famous Octagon warrior offers better technique than a trained actor or a stuntman, but anybody can learn moves if he practices enough.

How To Clean Boxing, Muay Thai, And MMA Gloves?

Boxing gloves are one of the best ways to protect your hands during high-intensity heavy bag sessions. Knuckle protection is very important as it lengthens the ring warrior’s career and keeps him away from injuries. Unfortunately, when you train every single day, gloves get stinky due to sweating. Regular cleaning can make your gloves last longer...

MMA Home Workout Routine For Beginners

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the world. Training in dojos were prohibited for a while, and fighters had to discover their own ways to stay fit and healthy. For example, the former UFC 145-pound champion Max Holloway confessed that “Zoom training sessions” were everything he had during the first few months of the pandemic. There were...

The 16 best MMA fight shorts 2022

Who here has ever used a butter knife to turn a screw?

I have, and while it technically works, it is awkward and has its drawbacks.

There is just nothing like having the right tool for the job.

That’s how I feel about MMA shorts.