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The 9 best women’s boxing gloves 2024

What is so special about women’s boxing gloves? No, it’s not the color! It is true that many women’s boxing gloves are designed with bold bright colors and patterns, and while all of that is part of the fun, there are actual physical features that make for the best boxing gloves for women.

The 7 Best Sparring Boxing Gloves in 2022

Sparring is a critical aspect of the game when it comes to competitions. You must spar and change partners from time to time if you want to prepare well for your upcoming bout. You might have the greatest gas tank in the world, but the technically better opponent will outwork you.

The 7 Best Heavy Bag Boxing Gloves in 2022

If you plan your heavy bag training sessions properly, you might become one of the most powerful punchers in the division very quickly. But those kinds of training sessions are pointless without the best heavy bag boxing gloves. You could hurt your knuckles and wrists badly, and it might keep you sidelined for some time.

The 9 best boxing glove brands on the market in 2022

In this article, we’re looking at the best boxing glove brands available on the market right now. Boxing is one of the oldest martial arts, but it is so easy to hurt knuckles. Hitting a heavy bag and sparring is impossible without a good pair of gloves. An extra layer of protection is 100% required. A very good model can protect your hand...

How To Clean Boxing, Muay Thai, And MMA Gloves?

Boxing gloves are one of the best ways to protect your hands during high-intensity heavy bag sessions. Knuckle protection is very important as it lengthens the ring warrior’s career and keeps him away from injuries. Unfortunately, when you train every single day, gloves get stinky due to sweating. Regular cleaning can make your gloves last longer...

The 8 best cheap boxing gloves for beginners 2022

Are you among the sea of fighters who look for a cheap pair of gloves to kick off their boxing career? Would you like to buy a great pair of gloves that will serve you for the next few months and let you learn and discover your good and bad sides? As always, we’re here for you. We analyzed some top-notch beginner-friendly models that will help you...