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Gear & Uniform

The 9 best women’s boxing gloves 2024

What is so special about women’s boxing gloves? No, it’s not the color! It is true that many women’s boxing gloves are designed with bold bright colors and patterns, and while all of that is part of the fun, there are actual physical features that make for the best boxing gloves for women.

The 9 best BJJ rash guards for 2024

In the past few years compression wear (a rash guard falls into this category) for athletes has been heavily researched. To avoid a bunch of statistics and charts, I can tell you that results show that the best rash guards out there are pretty damn awesome and provide many different benefits for athletes and fighters alike.

The 8 best double end punching bags to buy in 2024

Choosing the best double end bag depends on your experience and knowledge. An MMA fighter can train boxing, but also counters knees, kicks, head movement, or even reactive takedowns.

If you want to be the best, you have to think differently. People may think your training is weird, but you’ll earn respect as you succeed.