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The 13 best women’s BJJ gis in 2022

Have you been grappling with the decision of buying a women’s BJJ gi but not knowing what actually makes the best women’s BJJ gi?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a traditionally male dominated sport, has won more and more brave female Jiu Jitsu disciples over the last several years. Making the demand of jiu jitsu gi for women even bigger.

These female warriors sometimes discover that finding a gi that fits properly is almost as challenging as overcoming the prejudice they sometimes face on the mat.

You may ask why should you even look more carefully into what adds up to the best women’s jiu jitsu gi? Couldn’t women just buy any gi in a smaller size? I say, no, women need a kimono specifically made for them.

A woman’s body measurements are simply different from a man, or a child. An ill fitting Gi can hinder movements and impede performance.

You don’t want to buy a BJJ gi for women that is loose or baggie Gi, as this will identify you as a newbie. The best BJJ gi should be fitted, without being too tight. You should be able to tie your belt at the waist without bunching the fabric of your top.

Also, the 80’s have come and gone, and so should the boxy shoulder pad look some women get wearing a gi designed to fit a man. A jiu jitsu gi for women is designed narrower at the shoulders, because women are narrower at the shoulders.

The sleeve of the gi should stop at your wrist and not your hand.

This is huge because extra material here can delay or prevent you from getting a good grip and the extra material gives your opponent more to grab onto.

A best women’s BJJ Gi that is also well fitted can be a competitive advantage. In consideration of these factors here is a list of top BJJ gis for women.

These are the best women’s BJJ gis:

1. Tatami Women’s Estilo 6.0

Tatami Women's Estilo 6.0 BJJ Gi Image credit: Tatami Check Amazon

The Estilo 6.0 series has been a hot commodity sport by many practitioners in the BJJ community. Continually improving and innovating this also continue to push the brand in being a service to the women of BJJ.

The Women’s Estilo is Tatami’s most popular Gi. From the construction to the look, every aspect of this Gi aims to satisfy the customer. Let’s take a look at what Tatami has to offer in this much talked about kimono.

  • Compare the male counterpart version; the female Estilo 6.0 is a cheap purchase that makes it a natural choice in acquiring a high-quality Gi while saving money.
  • This kimono is great for both training sessions and competing.
  • IBJJF has strict guidelines with how a Gi must look to compete at their events. Luckily, the way the Estilo Women Gi is designed; it is equipped in passing the Gi inspection.
  • The Tatami Estilo is made of a Pearl Weave fabric. Pearl Weave Gi is some of the most durable and comfortable fight clothes on the market.
  • Unfortunately, The Estilo Gi does shrink after you wash. The best course of action in handling this problem is to clean the Gi in cold water and hang dry afterward.
  • Size Charts have always been an issue for women who purchase Tatami Gi’s and The Estilo Kimono follow this flawed pattern.
  • This Gi has the same design pattern as the male version, with none of the unique features that make a female Gi special.

Because of the shrinkage issues after washing the Gi, the Tatami Estilo is a perfect Gi for competition purposes.

2. Floury Lightweight BJJ Gi

Floury Lightweight BJJ Gi Image credit: Floury Check Amazon

Many new martial art companies are springing up looking to make an impact in the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu community. Floury is a sporting goods company that caters to various Martial Art disciplines, including BJJ. The Floury Lightweight Gi offers a variety of options that will provide a great service to the buyer. Now let’s take a look at what the Floury Gi has to offer.

  • Floury is providing a very affordable price for this lightweight Gi.
  • The Floury Lightweight Gi comes in a variety of colors to choose from.
  • Everyone loves free stuff, and Floury recognizes this. With the purchase of the Lightweight Floury Gi, the customer will get a free Gi bag.
  • The Floury Gi is perfect for everyday training essentials.
  • The Floury Gi has accommodating Gi sizes.
  • This Gi is not equipped for competition or passing the IBJJF requirements.

If one can overlook the awkward logo embroiders and appreciate the other feature this company Gi has to offer, it is highly recommended to buy the Floury Lightweight Women Gi. Looking forward to seeing what this company will produce in the future.

3. Sanabul Essentials Women’s Gi

Sanabul Essentials Women’s Gi Image credit: Sanabul Check Amazon

Sanabul is a new BJJ company looking to make their mark in the industry. The company seems to have a great plan in solving some of the malfunctions seen in today’s BJJ Gis. The Sanabul Essential Women’s Gi looks to have the credentials of being one of the top BJJ Gi on the market.

The company has said that the Essential Gi will provide an excellent training experience. Let’s find out if this gi is a contender for the Best Girls Gi.

  • The Sanabul Essential Women’s Gi is a very low price.
  • The Sanabul Essential is perfect for everyday training.
  • The Women’s Sanabul Gi is a very comfortable Gi to wear in training practice.
  • The Essential Gi comes in a variety of colors to choose from.
  • It’s always great when a company provides terrific customer service, which is acquired when dealing with Sanabul. In the event one is not satisfied with the Essential Women’s GI, the product comes with a two-year warranty.
  • At first glance of the Gi, one has to appreciate the time and effort put into blending the color of the Gi with the elegant, feminine embroideries.
  • This Gi is great for beginners.
  • This Gi is not a good option for competition purposes.
  • When analyzing the pants, it was discovered that they come in small sizes compared to the uniform jacket. This may be an issue after washing the Gi in the washer.
  • Depending on one’s taste in fashion, The Sanabul Gi logo designs can be a turn-off for buyers.

It is highly recommended for one to purchase The Sanabul Essential Women’s Gi. Most of the expensive Gis from top BJJ fight wear companies have the same pros and cons as this inexpensive, high-quality Gi.

4. Elite Sports Ultra Light BJJ Gi

Elite Sports Ultra Light Women's BJJ Gi Image credit: Elite Sports Check Amazon

Elite Sports is another overlooked brand that produces excellent kimono products. Their stylish kimonos are a hot grab for consumers, especially women clients.

The Elite Sports Ultra Light Gi aims to be one of the best BJJ Girl Gi in the game. There has been a lot of hype surrounding the Elite Gi. Let us take an in-depth look at the details on this kimono.

  • The Women’s Elite Gi comes with a Free White belt, which makes it the perfect Gi for new starters of BJJ.
  • The user has five different Gi colors to choose from.
  • For such a well know company, the Elite Ultra Light Gi is very affordable to buy.
  • IBJJF has strict guidelines with how a Gi must look to compete at their events. The Elite Women Gi is guaranteed to pass the IBJJF Gi inspection.
  • This Gi can be used for both training and competition.
  • Because of the lightweight material constructed by Elite Sports, there work as paid off in creating the most comfortable women’s Gi.
  • This Gi follows the same logo pattern as the male form, with none of the unique features that make an authentic female Gi.
  • Analyzing the sizes and fits for the Elite Gi, it was discovered that the size chart could be confusing to many buyers. Past shoppers have complained about the fitting of the trousers and even the kimono jacket.

The Elite BJJ Gi has all the components to serve the female BJJ community. If one can successfully find the right size, be prepared to have an everlasting item in your possession, as you enjoy a great day of training and competing at the major tournaments.

5. Jayefo Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi

Jayefo Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Women Soft IBJJF Weave Gi Image credit: Jayefo Check Amazon

Jayefo is a Martial Arts company that caters to many Martial Art divisions. Although the company is at their beginning stages of make a presence known in the BJJ community, with the release of their Soft Weave Lightweight Gi, it seems that they have done extensive research in their attempt to make a fantastic Gi. Let’s take a look and see what the Jayefo Gi has to offer.

  • The Jayefo BJJ Gi sales at a very affordable price.
  • The Women’s Gi comes with a Free White belt, which makes it the perfect Gi for beginning BJJ students.
  • The Jayfeo Lightweight is great for training purposes.
  • The Jayefo Gi passes the IBJJF standard requirements if one chooses to compete in the Gi.
  • The Jayefo Lightweight Gi is made of soft weave fabric. Soft Weave Gi is mainly used for training, as it provides maximum comfort while navigating through the toughest of training sessions.
  • A women’s kimono ought to have a distinct feature that charms a female buyer. Unfortunately, the Jayfeo Gi does not have this in their current model.
  • Size issue has become a significant concern for past buyers, especially after the Gi is washed.

If you are looking for a cheap Gi to sport in many training sessions, the Jayefo Soft Weave Gi is the perfect item to purchase.

6. Atama Leticia Ribeiro 2.0 Jiu-Jitsu Gi

Atama Leticia Ribeiro 2.0 Jiu Jitsu Gi Image credit: Atama

Leticia Ribiero is recognized as one of the most decorated competitors in BJJ history. Recognizing Ribiero’s contribution to Jiu-Jitsu, the Atama brand teamed up with her to launch her kimono.

The Atama Leticia Ribeiro # 2 Jiu-jitsu Gi is one of the oldest, but still, most popular girls Gi out today. These Gis are still a hot item, as they can be found sported by many female JJ with practitioners in the training room and on the competition grounds. We got the opportunity to evaluate this legendary kimono. Here is what we discovered.

  • Atama Leticia Ribeiro Gi size chart accommodates women of all heights and weight sizes.
  • The Atama Gi has attracted womanlike embroideries that make it an ideal girl Gi.
  • The Atama Gi material provides excellent comfort in any training condition.
  • This kimono is an affordable buy, compared to its male counterpart.
  • Past buyers had made complaints about the thread of the Gi embroideries comes loose after washing. This is a considerable concern as it may render the item useless.
  • The cord string of the pants has also proved to be problematic.

Lightweight, great fit, and very comfortable; The Atama Leticia Ribeiro # 2 Jiu-jitsu Gi is an excellent buy for training purposes. Thankfully the Kimono comes at a low price, especially with the concerns that were brought up with the threading and pants loop.

7. Tatami Ladies Zero G V3 BJJ Gi

Tatami Ladies Zero G V3 BJJ Gi Image credit: Tatami Check Amazon

Tatami has followed a trailblazing trend in creating some of the best BJJ Gis on the market. One area that is overlooked is the creation of Women’s Gis.

For Instance, the Tatami Ladies Zero G V3 BJJ Gi is one of Tatami’s best female BJJ Gi out. The company is recognized for its superb craftsmanship; this lightweight Gi is a popular buy. Having a Gi for various purposes is essential to attracting the buyer.

The Zero V3 BJJ Gi is known for its craftmanship, as this lightweight Gi is built to handle any training condition and competition endeavors.

  • Because of Tatami Zero’s durability and lightweight feel, this is very comfortable to wear.
  • When you put this Gi in the washer, after completion of the cleaning cycle, it doesn’t seem to shirk. Still recommended to hang dry, to be safe.
  • The Gi’s construction is a perfect fit, especially for ladies that can only fit small sizes.
  • For women’s Gi, the cost is very expensive.
  • The kimono Trousers have been a constant concern for women with different waist types. Some users have found the pants to be too tight, as Tatami has yet to come up with a solution to this problem.

If you can afford this expensive Gi, it is recommended you use this Gi for competition purposes. Because of the flaws that were found in the analysis, overusing the Gi may prove to be a bad idea, especially after washing the product.

8. Tatami Ladies Phoenix BJJ Gi

Ladies Phoenix BJJ Gi Image credit: Tatami

Tatami continues to offer a variety of options to its female clients. This high value of customer service makes their company one of the top contenders in producing women’s Gi.

The Tatami Ladies Phoenix Gi is an example of the company’s brilliance. The company has been known for its standout features in design, durability, and comfort, which seems like the Phoenix BJJ Gi meets all the requirements. Here is what we uncover analyzing this Gi.

  • The Girl like designs is eye-catching that can persuade any buyer to make a purchase.
  • The Gi is perfect for everyday training.
  • For a kimono with so many flaws, The Phoenix Gi is very expensive.
  • Because of competition Gi inspections at tournaments, the way the Phoenix Gi is designed, it could present some significant issues passing the Gi check before competing.
  • The Phoenix Tatami Gi has problems when it comes to the Gi shrinking after it has been washed. The best way to prevent this issue, it is highly recommended to wash in cold water with mild laundry detergent. Also, please hang dry after the washing cycle is complete.
  • Choosing a size for the Tatami Phoenix kimono has been an ongoing pressing issue. The Gi was exposed to having less material at the top of the sleeves and trousers.

Unless you are buying this Gi to train in, Tatami has other great options that can be described as the best girls Gi.

9. Venum Women’s Challenger 2.0 BJJ Gi

Venum Women’s Challenger 2.0 BJJ Gi Image credit: Venum Check Amazon

Venum is one company that is continuously overlooked for its massive contribution to the BJJ community. However, examining the women department, the company has so much to offer female customers.

The Venum Women’s Challenger 2.0 BJJ Gi is an item that should be the talk of the town of one of the best-looking women’s Gi out today. Beautiful and lethal in appearance is how to describe Challenger 2.0. Here is the inside scoop on this lovely kimono.

  • The Venum Challenger Gi comes with a free white belt, which makes it a perfect introductory Gi for new BJJ entrants.
  • The design layout and color scheme of the Venum Challenger makes a distinguishable female Gi.
  • The Venum’s has reinforced collar that provides a hard to grip scenario for any opponent.
  • Whether short or in petite form, the construction of the Challenger Gi is made to fit any size women.
  • The Challenger is a perfect option for everyday training.
  • The Women’s Challenger is very expensive.
  • The Gi pants are very short, while the jacket is large. This error could be challenging, especially after you wash the Gi.
  • The Challenger is, unfortunately, not IBJJF approved.

When it comes to the Venum Women’s Challenger Gi, the product comes with its vices and strengths. If you are looking for a Gi with that provides great comfort and durability, this is the perfect Gi for you.

10. Gold Ultralight Aeroweave BJJ Gi

Gold BJJ Ultralight Aeroweave BJJ Gi Image credit: Gold BJJ Check Amazon

There are many unknown Martial Arts companies that have so much to offer the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu community. The Aeroweave BJJ Women’s Gi brought to you by the Gold BJJ. Aeroweave material is said to be 40 % lighter than pearl weave, while at the safe time combining durability, comfort, and breathability in creating the ultimate lightweight Gi. It looks like Gold BJJ is trying to set a new standard in Gi construction. Let’s see what the Gold BJJ Women’s Gi is all about.

  • All the Gold BJJ Gis are preshrunk. This feature makes these Gis a possible long-lasting item.
  • As mention, the Gold Gis are made of Aeroweave fabric. Aeroweave fabric is said to have durability, comfort, and breathability, aiding with all the practitioners need when it comes to buying the perfect BJJ Gi.
  • Gold BJJ Gi has a variety of colors to choose from.
  • With all the features the Gold BJJ Women’s Gi has. The Gi is very inexpensive, which soothes a buyer’s wallet.
  • With such a new presence on the market, this BJJ Gi also meets all the IBJJF requirements for one to compete on the big stage.
  • This Gi is perfect for training and competing.
  • The Gi does not have any feminine appeal design to draw more desirability to a buyer.
  • After further investigation, it was shown that the pants are smaller than the Gi top, which may create an issue, especially if the item is not washed correctly.

How can one not appreciate what this brand-new company in Gold BJJ has to offer. Overlooking the smalls pants and large Gi top, The Gold Women’s BJJ Gi covers all the necessities that make it a must-have purchase. This company is one to look out for in the future.

11. War Tribe Women’s Gi

War Tribe Women's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi Image credit: War Tribe Check Amazon

The War Tribe brand always offers a distinct presence with all its Gi model designs. The work that is put into the designing of a Gi is not only attractive from its design logos but also the construction to fit one’s body type.

The War Tribe BJJ Women’s Gi is an example of what the company has to offer its female customers. The Gi unquestionably is one of the best quality girls Gis on the market. Here is what we uncovered.

  • You have to a design feature that catches one eye, and the Women War Tribe Gi accomplishes this mission. The female embroidery logos are beautiful and can convince any female to fault the fabrics.
  • This War Tribe Gi is suitable for training and competition needs.
  • After washing this Gi, it was discovered that it barely shrinks. This is a great plus because that means that the War Tribe is a Gi that can last a long time.
  • This Gi made of a sturdy and durable fabric, which is an excellent option for competition needs.
  • The War Tribe Gi is IBJJF approved.
  • According to past purchasers, this War Tribe Women’s Gi is very comfortable to wear.
  • With all the great features and accommodations, the War Tribe Gi has, it’s no wonder why this Gi is very expensive.

If you can afford this expensive Gi, make no mistake about it, whatever you will be using this Gi for, The War Tribe Gi is a perfect Gi to have.

12. Fuji IBJJF Women’s BJJ Gi

Fuji IBJJF Women’s BJJ Gi Image credit: Fuji Check Amazon

Fuji has always been recognized for its fantastic approach to Gi Designs. There fight cloths can be described as traditional with a little modern-day spice. This format is also used in catering to the Women’s department with the release of the Fuji IBJJF Women’s Gi.

This Gi is considered one of the Best quality products in BJJ kimonos, which is said to accommodate various needs for lady practitioners. Here is an inside look at Fuji’s IBJJF Women’s Gi.

  • Quality, comfort, and durability are essential. After all, that kimono you are buying is what you will be used for those long hours of training on the mat, which the Fuji IBJJF Women’s possess.
  • Price is always something every customer considers when purchasing any product. Many of today’s famous BJJ fight company Gi products price value is at a high price. A customer’s wallet may take a severe hit with that high price value, deteriorating a customer’s interest in making the purchase. Luckily, the Fuji’s IBJJF Women’s Gi is a low affordable cost for the consumer.
  • This Gi is perfect for training and competition.
  • The Fuji’s IBJJF Women’s Gi is IBJJF Approved.
  • Fuji undeniably took the time to make distinct designs to attract female buyers, as the Fuji Gi has some beautiful feminine logos and embroidery style format.
  • Like All Fuji kimonos, The Fuji’s IBJJF Women’s Gi has issues with size selections and washing troubleshooting. As a result, the Gi will shrink after the cleaning cycle. Also, because of the color of the logo, depending on how you wash it pink stains will smear on the white portion of the Gi.
  • There seem to be some troubleshooting concerns regarding size selection, especially when it was uncovered that the dimension of the Fuji Women pants is smaller, while the jacket comes in large sizes.

Value, functionality, and affordability, if you can figure out a solution to washing and picking the right size, The Fuji Women IBJJF Gi is a must-have item.

13. Gameness Pearl Women’s Jiu Jitsu Gi

Gameness Pearl Women’s Jiu Jitsu Gi Image credit: Gameness

In 1998, the BJJ world was introduced to Gameness Fight Wear. Gameness has been around for Twenty-two years and has become one of the most popular BJJ gear franchises. They are well recognized for creating high-quality fight gear that will accommodate one’s training and competition endeavors.

Gameness Gi’s standout feature is the massive attention in detail from the weave selection to logo placements, and even the extensive study in technology to enhance performance in the Gi.

Women practitioners also reap the benefits of owning a Gameness Gi, as showcased with the release of the Gameness Pearl Women’s Jiu-jitsu Gi, that puts it on a standard of being one of the Best Girls Gis out right now. Here is what was found, research this talked about Gi.

  • Because it is made from a Pearl Weave material, this Gameness Lady Gi is very soft and durable.
  • This Pearl Gameness Gi is an excellent choice for both training and competition needs.
  • Gameness always has affordable prices with its kimonos. The Pearl Gi is also an inexpensive buy if one is looking to save money.
  • The Pearl Weave is IBJJF approved.
  • Sadly, the Gameness Gi is very expensive.
  • The design layout is like the male version, with no significant standout female features.
  • The pants are very uncomfortable to wear, as it was discovered that there is a massive constriction in the hip areas.
  • After overusing the Gi and washing it after training. The stitching and seam tapes will begin to unravel, thus rendering the Pearl Wave Gi useless.

For such an expensive Gi, with so many flaws, The Pearl Weave Women’s Gi falls short of greatness. However, it all comes down to how one uses the Gi. The Gameness Pearl Weave is without question a perfect kimono to use for competition purposes.


While the market for a woman’s gi for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is limited, finding a gi designed for a woman’s body is worth the effort. The gi in BJJ is similar to a bat for baseball, it is a critical piece of equipment, more than merely something to wear on the mat.

It is also important that the gi is for BJJ and not another discipline. The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi is more form fitting than other gis. They are tapered in the arm and leg and meant to fit close to the body.

This special gi is not suitable for other martial arts, and others gi’s are not meant for the hand to hand grappling that comes with Jiu Jitsu.

The best women’s BJJ gi, the right gi, with the correct cut and fit is out there for the woman with the will to find it.