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The 6 Best Heavy Bag Stands to Buy in 2022

In this article we will be reviewing the best heavy bag stands you can buy in 2022 and help you choose the best training tool that works for you and your needs.

Do you travel a lot? Are you interested in taking your training session to the next level in your home?

Maybe you’ve got plans for a new workout in your house; we’ve got the knowledge to make it happen! It’s time to turn your living room, basement, or balcony into a top-notch training area in a split second.

What Criteria Do You Use?

It is never easy to purchase a good, suitable model that fits into your training routine. We like to focus on three criteria, please review the list below and decide which one is the most important one for you.

  • Durability – make sure you buy the model with sturdy construction that can handle swaying, oscillations, and combinations of hard, quick hits.
  • Stability – we advise you to stick to the items that allow loading weight plates onto them, with adjustable feet. You can’t have a model that will fall when you throw a tornado kick or a spinning backfist. The punching bag can sway, but the heavy bag stand must be stable.
  • Value – of course, increasing cost typically means increasing quality, but your needs come first. Search for the perfect combination of price, quality, and your demands.

Types of Punching Bag Stands

We’ll try to make it super-simple. There are two major groups: freestanding and wall-mounted punching bag stands.

If you travel a lot, drive a van or a truck, we kindly recommend you to purchase a freestanding model and carry some weights, so you can train everywhere. This option is easy to install and offers a lot of mobility.

best heavy bag stands

A wall-mounted product ties you to a home workout. Wall-mounted heavy bags aren’t designed for mobility and should remain in one spot.

Many of us like to train alone, without distractions, between the walls. You just have to find a perfect spot, drill some holes, add a few screws and enjoy your training sessions!

We’ll give you a piece of advice – find the bolts strong enough to mount the stand and see the enormous shock absorption!

Another criterion is the single-station and multi-station punching bag stand. Multi-station bags cost more, but you can install both, for example, speed bag and heavy bag, which lets you do multiple training sessions at once.

We love the variety of options and ways to boost your skills!

These are the Best Heavy Bag Stands to Buy Right Now:

1. Aoneky Wall-Mount Hanger

Aoneky Wall-Mount Heavy Bag Hanger Image credit: Aoneky Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

Aoneky is a strong and sturdy frame designed to hold up to 1000 lbs, which means you can attach any kind of heavy bag and do whatever you want.

You would best served with a concrete wall in your house, as it is recommended to install a 3.28 feet long horizontal bar onto it.

  • It can handle any load.
  • No vibrations and shaking during the most powerful strikes.
  • Durable and very stable.
  • Six assembly bolts are included in the offer.
  • The choice of hard hitters.
  • A lot of space between the wall and a bag.
  • No manual.
  • Not recommended for brick or wooden walls.

Aoneky is a piece of equipment designed to handle very hard strikes. You can train powerful one-punch knockouts or skull-crushing counters.

This is one of the greatest punching bag stands in the market. You can circle and focus on your footwork at the same time.

2. Outslayer Muay Thai Bag Stand

Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag Stand Image credit: Outslayer Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

Outslayer is one of the best choices on the market when it comes to portable heavy bag stands.

It will stand anywhere. You can train in literally any environment – a good pick for travelers or people who don’t like to mount items on their walls.

  • Comes with a 15-year warranty.
  • You’ll get four sandbags and seven screws too.
  • Easy to transport.
  • It works for all-size heavy bags that weigh up to 350 lbs.
  • Good for speed and level change training sessions.
  • Easy to setup.
  • You’ll have to tighten the bolts from time to time.
  • It swings too much and makes a lot of noise when you hit hard.

Outslayer costs more, but its modern design and several additional items turn it into one of the best picks for truck drivers or people who like to hide their striking skills from the public eye.

This heavy bag can take your Muay Thai low kicks and body strikes to the next level!

3. Everlast 2-Station Bag Stand

Everlast 2-Station Punching Bag Stand (4813BDTC) Image credit: Everlast Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

This piece of training gear is relatively inexpensive, plus it offers premium quality. You’ll be able to work on your quick strikes and strong strikes in one session.

Flyweight and bantamweight fighters are going to love this model. It’s made for Octagon warriors obsessed with quickness and combo training sessions.

  • Easy to setup.
  • Prongs for weight plates are available.
  • Adjustable height.
  • The product handles all bag sizes.
  • Very durable.
  • The maximum load is 100 lbs, not recommended for hard hitters.
  • You can’t circle.

Steel surfaces are powder-coated for scratch resistance, just don’t use it outside and it will last for many years.

Are you looking to work on different areas of striking, to combine combos with body and low kicks? If so, the Everlast 2-station bag stand is your number one punching bag stand for home!

4. Century Heavy Bag Stand

Century Heavy Punching Bag Stand Image credit: Century Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

Despite the Century heaving bag weighing in around 50 lbs, it can withstand heavy bags of up to 100 pounds thanks to slick steel construction that boosts durability and adds exceptional strength to the product.

  • Aesthetically pleasing look.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Three weight pegs.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Good for speed and quickness sessions.
  • You must buy at least 225 lb of weights to keep it from falling over.
  • Insufficient product height.

Century will not limit your striking angles. It doesn’t cost too much, and it lets you connect quickly and you’re able to train anywhere.

If you want to be fast and skillful with your hands like Petr Yan or John Lineker, this model is the real deal!

5. Everlast Heavy Bag Stand

Everlast Heavy Bag Stand (4812BDTC) Image credit: Everlast Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

Everlast’s heavy bag stand is the optimal choice for boxers and kickboxers who plan to boost their straight-line strikes and combos. It is a mobile piece of equipment that lets you train anywhere in the world.

  • Three weight plate pegs for additional stability.
  • Great for straight punches, knees, and kicks.
  • Durable thanks to high-quality steel tubing.
  • It doesn’t take up too much space.
  • Insufficient space; you can’t change angles properly.

If you plan to work on soft kicks and punches, lightning-fast combos, and improving your overall counter-speed outside or in the corner of your living room, you’ll love Everlast!

6. Vivohome Punching Bag Stand

Vivohome adjustable foldable punching bag stand Image credit: Vivohome Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

Vivohome bag stand is made of high-quality sturdy steel construction with powder coating on the surface that can bear a weight of 132 lbs. This model can take both heavy strikes and violent one-punch bombs.

  • Great user experience and price/quality ratio.
  • You can adjust the height.
  • Good stability.
  • It does not take up too much space.
  • Good for all-around training sessions.

You’ll rarely find a heavy bag that lets you work on angles, footwork, coordination, and quick strikes. You can move, combine fists and kicks, and boost some extra power wherever you go.

Vivohome is one of the best heavy bag stands for combinations of powerful strikes and lightning-fast combos and counters.


We hope that our reviews helped you to find the perfect heavy bag stand for your training needs. It’s time to skyrocket the striking technique for good!