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The 8 best double end punching bags to buy in 2024

Choosing the best double end bag depends on your experience and knowledge. An MMA fighter can train boxing, but also counters knees, kicks, head movement, or even reactive takedowns.

If you want to be the best, you have to think differently. People may think your training is weird, but you’ll earn respect as you succeed.

The purchase of a double-end bag is one of the greatest investments you can make, especially if you can adjust it to your fighting style.

Did you know that you can become a better counter/footwork specialist with one double-end bag training session per day? It’s an advantage the Muhammad Ali didn’t have.

In his day, pieces of training were focused on mitts and heavy bags, while there are tons of ways to work on the speed nowadays. The sport is evolving.

Your MMA game is going to rock too. Let me give you a basic example – a reactive takedown. Yes, you can box, land check hooks, and quick strikes, but double-end bag also allows you to intercept the opponent’s combos with a powerful clinch or a takedown attempt.

It’s time to put the quickness and reaction time to the next level and score more points than ever before!

About the author

Vladimir is a master of Sports and Physical education, a Taekwondo black belt, and has been a kickboxer for more than seven years. At the beginning of his career he worked as a strength and conditioning coach. Vladimir spends a lot of time researching training equipment and analyzing fighters and their fighting styles.

best double end punching bags

These are the best double-end bags you can buy:

  1. Pro Impact Double End Bag
  2. Mumian Double End Bag
  3. MaxxMMA Double End Bag
  4. Everlast Double End Bag
  5. Ringside Mexican Double End Bag
  6. Contender Double End Bag
  7. Ringside Boxing Double End Bag
  8. Xuanlong Double End Bag

Pro Impact Double End Bag

This is one of the best double-end speed bags for counter-strikers. The Pro Impact bag is a must-have for defensive-minded Octagon warriors who constantly move to the side and fire back.

Pro Impact Genuine Leather Double End Bag Image: Pro Impact

You’ll be able to land quick punches from all angles, as much as you want. The model will hold up well under the punishment thanks to high-quality stitching, reinforced loops, and welted seams. Quality and satisfaction demand money.

You don’t have to refill this model with air once per week, plus you can choose between two models (7 and 9 inches). Metal hooks might give you a hard time when you try to counter, so please, be cautious.

What we like

  • The flexibility to choose between models and sizes.
  • Made of high-quality genuine leather.
  • Heavy-duty rubber bladder prevents the loss of air.
  • Superb for footwork and counter-training sessions.
  • The package includes S-hooks and bungee cords too.
  • You can land overhands, body shots, even kicks.

What we don’t like

  • Mid-to-high price range.
  • Not good for uppercuts or straight knees; you could hurt yourself.

Mumian Double End Bag

This Mumian bag is one of the most suitable double-end punching bags for beginners who work on their straight-punch counter game. If you’re interested in a low-price, durable, and functional model, try it out!

Mumian PU Leather double end punching bag Image: Mumian

Mumian is, largely, an unknown model in the martial arts market. Its outside doesn’t look especially pretty, but this is a double-layered and double-stitched model.

This model will not drain your budget, you can get a pretty good tool to sharpen your counter-punches and looping hooks. The top and bottom straps look very durable, but please, don’t ever try this model out without gloves due to stitches.

What we like

  • Superb price-quality ratio.
  • Easy to inflate.
  • High elasticity.
  • Good durability.

What we don’t like

  • No mounting hardware.
  • Slow rebound speed, bad choice for elite-level strikers.

MaxxMMA Double End Bag

The MaxxMMA double end bag works for beginners, potentially intermediate-level offensive-minded punchers. You can train pressure or quick combos, but you’ll have to forget about level change or technical counters.

MaxxMMA double end punching bag Image: MaxxMMA

MaxxMMA sounds like a wonderful pick for fighters who plan to work on accuracy and quickness at the same time.

The rounded ball doesn’t bounce too much, which makes it a lovely choice for the fighter at the beginning of his boxing/MMA run.

What we like

  • Air pump/bungee cords included in the offer.
  • One of the best double-end punching bags for sideways stance fighters.
  • Affordable.
  • Great for head movement sessions.
  • Works for straight knees and front/push kicks too.

What we don’t like

  • Bungee cords/stitching quality.
  • Not good for elite-level strikers.
  • Only one size is available.

Everlast Double End Bag

The Everlast double end bag might not offer the greatest quality, but when you decide to dedicate the next few months to the maximum speed of your counters, say hello to your new best friend!

Everlast Double End Striking Bag Image: Everlast

Everlast is known for the greatest rebound speed, it’s one of the best double-end speed bags for super-fast punching sessions.

If you plan to fight Vitor Belfort or any other top-notch puncher, Everlast bag sounds like your best choice. Your punch speed is going to improve; it’s a choice of elite athletes for a reason.

It is made of synthetic leather, but cords and attachments are made of different materials. It leads to potential rips and tears. Yet, with Everlast, speed comes first, it is one of the lightest models in the market!

What we like

  • Affordable.
  • 120-day warranty.
  • Superb rebound speed.
  • Awesome for toe-to-toe fighters and defensive gurus.
  • Good for elbow counters.

What we don’t like

  • One-color.
  • Quality of bungee straps.
  • Bad for beginners.

Ringside Mexican Double End Bag

This is the choice of combo specialists and offensive level change specialists. You can train all types of strikes and piece up the opponent who covers up his head well.

Ringside Mexican-Style Double-Double End Bag Image: Ringside

Ringside Mexican-style bag lets you work on level changes, kicks, knees, punches, and a lot of other different combinations. At the same time, good rebound speed takes your offensive game to a whole new level.

Counters and slips are a problem because it is impossible to train ducking or head movement. Yet, it works well for footwork or step-drag forward and backward training sessions. The hourglass shape is built for speed, not knockout power.

The bag’s size offers tons of benefits for both beginners and advanced fighters. It is undoubtedly one of the best double end bags for home.

What we like

  • Made of high-quality leather.
  • Head and body combos.
  • Good for all training levels.
  • The bag holds air well.
  • Lightweight model.
  • Durability.

What we don’t like

  • Mid-to-high price range.
  • Bad choice for defensive fighters.
  • No mounting hardware included.

Contender Double End Bag

The Contender double end bag is going to work well for beginners, or even intermediate practitioners who work on their counters and improve the technical aspect of the game.

Contender Fight Sports Boxing Double End Bag Image: Contender

Contender offers a bit softer model with top rebound speed. It works for defensive straight punches, check hooks, and uppercuts.

The model comes in a 9-inch size, which will work well for beginners. It is too slow for advanced fist specialists.

You’ll have to refill it weekly, plus the model doesn’t offer the greatest quality on the market. There are many complaints about the bag ripping where the straps connect too.

What we like

  • Double-stitched model.
  • Good for hard shots.
  • Affordable.

What we don’t like

  • Only one size and design.
  • Critical inflation quality.
  • Not good for advanced strikers.

Ringside Boxing Double End Bag

Three different sizes put this Ringside bag on the list of the best all-around double-end punching bags. Anybody can train all kinds of strikes, it is a great choice for a wide population.

Ringside Leather Boxing Double End Bag Image: Ringside

This is not a cheap training tool, but it’s worth every cent. The Ringside boxing double end bag is made of high-quality leather with reinforced loops, but we don’t recommend bare-knuckle training sessions due to the stitches.

Unfortunately, elastic bands are not adjustable. You might have a hard time with level change training sessions. Yet, this model will undoubtedly take your slipping, ducking, and counters to the next level, the rebound speed is fantastic.

What we like

  • Three sizes.
  • Made of high-quality leather.
  • Durability.
  • Good for all training levels.
  • Triple reinforced top and bottom loops.
  • You can even simulate a reactive takedown counter on this model.

What we don’t like

  • Mid-to-high price range.
  • Elastic bands might lose elasticity as time goes by.
  • Stitches issues.

Xuanlong Double End Bag

If you’d like to boost your footwork, slips, and counters this model is going to help. But counter-uppercut specialists shouldn’t miss this unique opportunity.

Xuanlong Double End Punching Bag Image: Xuanlong

Xuanlong is a cheap double-end speed bag that works well for all kinds of counters. Yet, its shape makes it especially good for uppercuts, so one can call it a unique choice in the market.

Made of PU leather, it is one of the most durable choices thanks to double stitching and two layers of high-quality textiles.

The whole set includes a boxing ball, adjustable bungee band, two metal hooks, two punch wall ceiling mount hook, pump, and ball needle – a good investment for little money.

What we like

  • Adjustable bungee band.
  • Stretchable model.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Price/quality ratio rocks.
  • Two designs.
  • #1 uppercut double-end tool.

What we don’t like

  • Durability.
  • It might rip quickly if you train bare-knuckle.


The best double-end bags for your fighting style are listed above. Are you a defensive straight-line puncher, slip expert, or a footwork specialist with a quick jab?

Our thread will help you discover the best tool for putting your hand speed to the next level. There’s something for creative fighters, experts, or beginners.