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The 8 best cheap boxing gloves for beginners 2022

Are you among the sea of fighters who look for a cheap pair of gloves to kick off their boxing career? Would you like to buy a great pair of gloves that will serve you for the next few months and let you learn and discover your good and bad sides?

As always, we’re here for you. We analyzed some top-notch beginner-friendly models that will help you get into the spirit of things in the next few months.

Please read on if you’re keen on getting the best cheap boxing gloves in the market. This will be an excellent investment – it won’t kill your budget, but you’ll enjoy every single second of a heavy bag or sparring session.

These are the best cheap boxing gloves (perfect for beginners):

1. Sanabul Essential Gel

Price/quality greatness

You’ll get professional gear at entry-level affordability. You don’t find many gloves in the market that could offer you so much for such a cheap price.

Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Kickboxing Training Gloves Image credit: Sanabul Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

You’ll struggle to find cheap, high-quality gloves that maximize hand protection. If you’re a beginner who enjoys throwing quick long-range strikes, Sanabul Essential Gel sounds like a wonderful idea for the beginning of your career.

  • Good yet cheap.
  • Very comfortable pair.
  • Top-notch glove protection.
  • The ability to choose between numerous modern designs.
  • A lot of different sizes are offered.
  • You won’t hurt your knuckles during powerful combos.
  • There is no need to spend months breaking your gloves in.
  • The glove breathes during hard training sessions, your hands won’t be covered in sweat.
  • Maximum wrist protection.
  • Not a good pick for one-punch knockout strikes or haymakers. Beginners who hit very hard might not like this inexpensive model.

2. Everlast Pro Style

Excellent all-around glove for all kinds of training sessions

Good yet cheap pair of gloves for a variety of combat sports. Highly recommended for kickboxers or fighters who switch a lot between fighting styles.

Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves Image credit: Everlast Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

Everlast Pro Style is a lovely all-around pick. You can use it for many martial arts. It offers a lot of various sizes.

  • Made to last, very durable model.
  • The glove anatomically adjusts to the shape of your hand.
  • Excellent control and maneuverability during your strikes thanks to the glove design.
  • Padding on both sides will keep the hand in the right position, which is good for a fighter with irregular technique.
  • Easy to adjust thanks to full wrap-around Velcro strap.
  • Breathability is lacking.
  • Your hands will sweat a lot, especially if you live in warm areas.

3. Top Rank Contender

You’ll get a lot of benefits with this pair of beginner boxing gloves. Dry hands and enhanced protection will let you land from all kinds of positions without fear of injury.

Top Rank Contender Series Training Boxing Gloves Image credit: Top Rank Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

Top Rank Contender Series is one of the cheapest molded padding boxing gloves in the market. If you’re looking for a glove with superior shock absorption, you’ve found your perfect match. Your budget can handle this investment, plus you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars to heal your knuckles and wrists.

  • Leather construction enables comfortable high-intense workouts.
  • Anti-moisture glove with good ventilation.
  • Anti-odor model.
  • You can choose between three sizes – good for sparring sessions and powerful heavy bag strikes because of enhanced protection.
  • Additional wrist protection thanks to hook and loop closure.
  • The size chart is a bit tricky, so please pay attention.
  • Not good for mitt workout and combos.

4. Jayefo Glorious

Super-cheap solution for real beginners

Is your technique sloppy? Have you ever fought before? If your answer is no, and you plan to start to learn how to box, this model is your new best friend!

Jayefo Glorious Boxing Gloves Image credit: Jayefo Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

Jayefo Glorious is a cheap, quality model for rookies who plan to kick off their fighting voyage. A superb choice of designs and sizes makes it a wonderful choice for the general population.

  • Multiple layers of protection inside of the glove, good for a heavy bag workout.
  • Hand mold leads to a more traditional design, which might be good for fans of a classic era.
  • A thumb-lock maximizes the protection of your thumb, especially during haymakers and overhands.
  • Breathable model.
  • A double-padded wrist grip is good because it decreases the chances of an injury in a toe-to-toe brawl. It prevents a beginner from injuries when he starts unloading a barrage of bullets on a heavy bag.
  • It’s not a good model for technical training sessions.
  • Hard for cleaning due to its unorthodox design.

5. Venum Challenger 2.0

Price/protection top-notch value of one-punch knockout artists

If you’re a heavy-handed bomber who wants to work on his technical strikes and become the new Deontay Wilder, the Venum Challenger will probably serve your needs. Good for Heavyweight, Cruiserweight, and Light Heavyweight fighters.

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves Image credit: Venum Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

Venum Challenger 2.0 is a breathable beginner-friendly model that keeps your hands dry even during high-intensity training sessions with high humidity.

  • Velcro closure leads to a safe customized fit.
  • Lovely thumb attachment.
  • A superb offer of unique and various designs.
  • High-quality leather offers enhanced durability.
  • Very good glove for heavy bag sessions, especially for one-punch knockout artists and haymaker specialists.
  • Superb shock-absorbent foam will protect your hand even if you hit the wall.
  • Glove adjustment might be tricky, too much time is required to break in.
  • The inside of the glove might start ripping after few months of extensive use.

6. Ringside Apex

Muay Thai number one glove, especially if you train in Thailand

A technical striker who tends to improve the technique of basic boxing strikes to perfection and lives in a hot climate will enjoy this low-price model. Let your hand breathe with Ringside Apex.

Ringside Apex Boxing Gloves Image credit: Ringside Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

Ringside Apex is a breathable pair of gloves with a tapered wrap-around closure that provides non-slip wrist support during long training sessions at extreme heat. If you live in hot areas (for example, Arizona or Florida), these might be the best cheap boxing gloves for you.

  • IMF technology leads to super-shock absorption, even at very high temperatures and humidity.
  • Anti-microbial and anti-odor affordable model.
  • Good durability.
  • Your hands remain dry even when you train for 60+ minutes.
  • Outstanding fist alignment during striking thanks to exclusive pre-curved molded hand compartment.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Reduced hand fatigue during combos and toe-to-toe fighting.
  • A lot of lovely, colorful designs are offered.
  • If you plan to land a lot of overhands, this is not a good model for you. The glove is designed to correct the position of your hand during three basic strikes (straight punch, hook, and uppercut), but it will turn your overhand into a haymaker.
  • The size chart is a bit odd, so proceed with caution.

7. Starpro T20

Very cheap sparring gloves for future Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao

Starpro T20 is an outstanding sparring glove for very serious beginners. If you plan to take part in a competition after few months, these are the best cheap boxing gloves for you.

Starpro T20 Boxing Gloves Image credit: Starpro Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

Are you looking for a light low-price model that lets you throw quick strikes from every single position? Starpro T20s got what you need!

  • You can throw very hard strikes and combos.
  • Good choice of sizes and designs.
  • Great product longevity.
  • Comfortable model made from vegan PU synthetic leather.
  • This light model will not slow your hand speed down during intense mitt sessions.
  • Good for shadowboxing and clinch striking sessions.
  • Breathability.
  • This is not a glove for everyday heavy bag workouts, please keep that in mind.

8. Dtown Boxing Gloves

Good pick for die-hard fans of Mike Tyson and inside-the-pocket fighters

Made of premium PU leather construction, Dtown boxing gloves is a fantastic model for heavy bombs and striking defense. It’s a great option for fans of hooks, uppercuts, and especially aggressive fighters who like to trade shots inside the pocket.

Dtown Boxing Gloves Image credit: Dtown Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

You can’t change your fighting mentality much. Either you’re defensive-minded or you’re offensive-minded. Beginners who tend to march forward and press their opponents should buy this model. It’s good for beginners who make a transition between martial arts, for example, kickboxing to boxing, boxing to Muay Thai, etc.

  • Good breathability and ventilation.
  • Easy to clean, you just need a wet towel.
  • Easy to put on and off.
  • Lovely wrist protection that keeps you safe even when somebody tries to land a high kick through your hands.
  • You can use them for a variety of martial arts.
  • Fair choice of colors of sizes.
  • This affordable model is pretty much sturdy so you might not like that.
  • If you want to use hand wraps under the gloves, you’ll probably have to buy one size up.

The best gloves on a budget – The trickiness of choice

The choice of entry-level boxing gloves could be a nightmare, especially if you have never boxed before. The low-price models don’t typically offer the greatest knuckle protection or anti-odor and antimicrobial features, but you can at least focus on basic qualities. Please, don’t expect the holy grail of boxing gloves for a small amount of money.

Right size

Numerous sizes are available – 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and even 18 oz. Thinner gloves are good for technical training sessions, while affordable 12+ oz gloves sound like a great pick for your heavy bag sessions. If you’d like to spar in the training sessions, we recommend 16+ oz gloves due to an enhanced level of protection.

You’ll rarely see a beginner going for the chin (just an example). They are usually learning the proper form of the technique and taking part in light sparring sessions. The best beginner boxing gloves are usually thicker models with enhanced padding that prevent rookies from injuries. This is not a strict rule though.

Fingertip match

We recommend you wrap your hands before purchasing your gloves. Even a pair of best boxing gloves for a beginner won’t work if you get the wrong size. You must see whether it fits properly or not. And please check the adjustment of your thumb.

Note: if you plan to order your glove online, maybe you won’t be able to try your gloves out. To discover the proper size for yourself, please wrap a tape around to determine the circumference of your hand. It’s a little trick that helps a lot. This parameter is not critical, please keep that in mind.


Unfortunately, cheaper gloves are usually made of Vinyl. You’ll have to pay more if you need a very durable pair of gloves. The best beginner boxing gloves are the ones that will survive the first six months of training as nobody knows whether you’ll continue your boxing voyage or not.


Newbies usually seek different qualities from veteran fighters, so the choice of the best beginner boxing gloves depends on many factors.

Beginners who live in a hot climate should stick to the Ringside Apex. On the other side, heavier one-punch knockout specialists should try Venum Challenger 2.0 out.

If you’re looking for a top-notch price/quality ratio, Top Rank Contender Series and Sanabul Essential are the way to go.

Are you a 100% rookie who has never thrown a punch before? Jayefo Glorious will do the job for you. Yet, fighters who make the transition between martial arts should give a chance to Everlast Pro Style, Dtown Boxing, or Starpro T20.

Let us ask you a question. What kind of striking newbie are you? Answer that and you’ll discover your perfect pair of best boxing gloves for a beginner!