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The 9 best boxing glove brands on the market in 2022

In this article, we’re looking at the best boxing glove brands available on the market right now.

Boxing is one of the oldest martial arts, but it is so easy to hurt knuckles. Hitting a heavy bag and sparring is impossible without a good pair of gloves. An extra layer of protection is 100% required. A very good model can protect your hand even if you punch the wall or concrete!

best boxing glove brands

There have been many high-level companies throughout boxing history. Yet, the glove industry exploded in the last 30 years. The competition is fierce and every company is struggling to rank as high as possible. New models appear from time to time, while old ones are improved every month.

We thoroughly researched the world of the best boxing glove brands, and we want to let you know about the best boxing glove manufacturers in the market at the moment.

Please continue reading and get to know the best boxing glove companies and their models. Maybe you’ll discover your new best friend, who knows?

Additional Notes

Before you start, we must mention that there are three basic types of gloves – heavy bag models, sparring gloves, and special ones for competitions. The best boxing glove companies on this list are making models approved by BBBOFC (British Boxing Board of Control), which means you can use them in the majority of boxing competitions.

Some gloves are more popular in the world of beginners, while others are better for top-notch athletes. The greatest boxers in the world sometimes order custom-made gloves. But regular and recreational athletes usually can’t afford that. Please forgive us if you don’t see the favorite model of your most precious athlete on our list.

These are the best boxing glove brands on the market right now:

1. Winning

Thirty years ago, there were very few boxers who let this manufacturer protect their hands in the competitions. Yet, the company’s expansion in the last two decades brought it to the top of the list.

Nowadays, Winning is considered the holy grail of boxing. Famous boxers and MMA fighters all around the globe gladly choose this model for their training sessions and professional fights. This Japanese company exploded in the last 20 years.

Almost all famous fighters and world boxing champions from Japan favor this model – Takashi Uchiyama, Kazuto Ioka, Naoya Inoue, Hiroto Kyoguchi, Ryota Murata. Other famous athletes that trust Winning are Billy Dib, Maureen Shea, Brad Pickett, Paul Smith Jr, Kaliesha West, Peter Quillin, Jimi Manuwa, Diana Prazak, Tony Jeffries, Tym Silvia, Cornelius Brandage, and Sonya Lamonakis.

Winning is known for offering an excellent balance between training and competition gloves. You can find a lot of lovely 8 oz models for sparring and 16+ oz gloves for high-level heavy bag sessions.

The only downside of, arguably, the greatest boxing glove manufacturer in the world, is price. You’ll hardly find a model that costs less than 300 dollars, but the quality is top-notch and 100% on point.

The MS-500 (see on Amazon) is by far the most suitable model for all kinds of training sessions that offer superb quality due to extra-padded hitting area.

The MS-600-B (see on Amazon) is a lovely pick for both sparring and training sessions, while MS-600 (see on Amazon) sounds like a great option for somebody who looks for breathable pair of gloves with extra wrist support.

Another downside of this model is that it is very popular, so some specific models are often out of stock because everyone wants a piece of the best boxing glove manufacturer. You can also try out Winning Professional Boxing Gloves.

The 8oz MS-200 (see on Amazon) for sparring or the Winning 14oz MS-500-B (see on Amazon) if you’re a newbie or an intermediate.

2. Cleto Reyes

The first things that comes to mind when we hear Cleto Reyes are Manny “The Pacman” Pacquiao, Ike Williams, Juan Manuel Marquez, and Oscar de la Hoya. Cleto Reyes gloves have used by so many stars – Cleto Reyes has to be one of the best boxing gloves makers in the world!

A lot of other high-level athletes love this model too – Laila Ali, Nicole Wesner, Canelo Alvarez, Sulem Urbina, Crystal Morales, Mia St-John, Jussier Formiga, Ross Burkinshaw. Cleto Reyes is the best boxing glove manufacturer from Mexico, and it has been very popular in the market for 30+ years.

Cleto Reyes offers some top-notch durable and breathable sets of gloves for all kinds of training sessions and competitions. Most of them are not expensive, which makes this model a good choice for the general population. You’ll also find that there are many stylish designs.

Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training Gloves (see on Amazon). Another good water-resistant classic-era model that keeps your hands dry is Cleto Reyes Traditional Bag Glove with Elastic Cuff (see on Amazon).

3. Everlast

We’re living in a different era now. Back in the 90s, fighters were unable to choose between many sponsors. Everlast was by far the most famous and the best boxing glove manufacturer. Top-level athletes who wore this pair of gloves in the competitions are Mike Tyson, Antonio Tarver, Zab Judah, and Jermaine Taylor. Other notable names from the modern era are Deontay Wilder, Nonito Donaire, Miguel Cotto, Andre Ward, and Brandon Rios.

Everlast Pro Style (see on Amazon) is an example of a lovely faux leather breathable model for all kinds of training sessions. If you want to work on all aspects of the game, it will serve your needs.

Other high-level training models are Elite Hook & Loop Training Gloves (see on Amazon) and Everlast Powerlock (see on Amazon).

Tons of unique modern designs and colors keep Everlast among the best boxing glove companies in the world.

4. Grant

Grant is the favorite pick of ring warriors who don’t like pillow-type gloves but still want a decent level of knuckle and wrist protection. It is a well-constructed pair of gloves that nicely adjusts to the shape of your hand. It is probably the best boxing glove brand on the northeastern shore of the United States.

Floyd Mayweather suddenly raised the popularity of Grant in 1995, and its popularity hasn’t stopped growing since. Grant is very expensive because they are undoubtedly one of the best professional boxing gloves that have ever been made.

Other famous names that love this brand, preferably for Fight Nights, are Wayne McCullough, Adrian Granados, Melissa Hernandez, Brandon Moreno, Jamie Conlan, and Kali Reis.

Unfortunately, these gloves are hard to find. You can order a pair of Grant gloves here. There are so many lovely designs and the quality rocks. Grant is worth every penny if you plan to pursue your boxing dream.

5. Hayabusa

Hayabusa is not a model for beginners. First of all, the price is typically higher than most new fighters want to spend. Second, you must be aware of the qualities you are looking for. The person who starts a new boxing voyage will not have a hard time getting used to a too stiff pair of gloves.

Yet, Hayabusa offers comfortable and breathable colorful models with a tailored fit and enhanced knuckle and wrist protection. It is a great model for hard-hitting hillbillies or one-punch knockout artists, but it can serve for hard sparring sessions and competitions too.

This is the choice of Georges St-Pierre, Holly Holm, Douglas Lima, Chris Pratt, and many other names on the fighting scene all around the globe. The most popular pair is Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves (see on Amazon).

6. Rival

Rival is the primary choice of Layla McCarter and Khalid Yafai, while many other worldwide-known ring names are using it as a backup solution for training sessions. Despite this product is made in China, its popularity increased rapidly in the last few years. Currently, the greatest market for this glove is Canada.

The best boxing glove maker from China is known for excellent padding, comfort, stylish aesthetic, shock absorption, and durability. But there is another excellent side of Rival gloves – affordability for the general population. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to enjoy the benefits of Rival Boxing Fitness Plus Bag Gloves (see on Amazon) in a quick sparring session.

Thicker models are good for mitt work and heavy bag combos. Your striking speed will progress!

7. Fairtex

Fairtex is primarily used for Muay Thai, but feel free to check the best boxing glove manufacturer from Thailand, you can find many lovely options. This model is the first choice of Jerome Wilson and Volkan Oezdemir.

Designed by Phillip Wong, a Muay Thai athlete, it initially served as the best glove for clinch training sessions. So if you’re down to train popular “dirty boxing”, we believe this antimicrobial and anti-odor brand is a perfect fit for you.

Fairtex is famous for durable, soft, smooth touch gloves for spars and heavy bag sessions too. Quality comes first, plus one of the best boxing glove makers won’t kill your budget. A lovely palette of colors, even the most detail-oriented boxer can find a color that will fit their preference.

Check their most popular model – Fairtex BGV1 (see on Amazon). There is another popular model (see on Amazon) for all kinds of training sessions.

8. Venum

Nowadays, Venum is the official sponsor of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. A few years ago, this brand was slowly rising on the martial arts manufacturers’ ladder. It was more popular in Muay Thai and kickboxing, which explains why it’s the favorite choice of Davit Kiria and Antoine Pinto.

Venum is known for a variety of colors, multi-density foam protection, and durability. Venum Contender Boxing Series (see on Amazon) can be used by both advanced boxers and rookies and it is one of the most affordable models in the market. Yet, professional athletes favor the Venum Elite (see on Amazon), an excellent glove for high-level sparring sessions, competitions, and heavy bag drills.

Venum is, undoubtedly, one of the best boxing glove manufacturers from Thailand. It is never easy to sign a contract with the greatest MMA promotion in the world.

9. Ringside

Ringside mostly offers colorful designs and excellent tapered wrist enclosure, but this model is not known for durability. Yet, UFC flyweight fighter Brandon Moreno sees it as the most comfortable pair he has ever worn. Thomas Doran, Patricia Alcivar, Brian Rose, Derry Mathews, and Garry Locket favor Ringside too.

Ringside Apex (see on Amazon) is the most popular model – it is affordable for the general population and you can call it is a great option for beginners. The Ringside Bullet sparring model (see on Amazon) is excellent too, especially when you prepare for an upcoming fight.

Ringside is easily the best boxing glove company in Kansas.


There are many excellent manufacturers, but it is very hard to choose the best boxing glove maker in the world. Some companies, like Grant, Winning or Hayabusa are designed for top-notch professionals and elite-level competitions.

An athlete who tends to start his martial arts voyage should choose an affordable model. It is easy to upgrade later. Venum, Ringside, Fairtex, and Rival are good options for all kinds of fighters and training sessions.

But if you want to follow the footsteps of your favorite boxer or martial artist, go for it! There are many people all over the globe who picked Everlast because of Mike Tyson or Cleto Reyes due to Manny Pacquiao!

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